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What do I get?

We have 3 options available:

1. Full Large Share: 


approximately 10-12lbs. of beef/month includes approximately one roast, 4lbs ground beef, 4 steaks, and various specialty cuts each month

2. Full Small Share:


approximately 6-8 lbs. of beef per month including approximately one roast, 2lbs ground beef, 2 steaks, and specialty cuts each month

3. Ground Beef & Specialty Cuts Share:


includes at least 4 pounds of ground beef and various specialty cuts and roasts. This share does not include steaks.


Add Eggs to any share size :$5/dozen (Currently out of eggs until September)

* Please note that your share is packed based on the value (cost ) of the cuts included, not on the weight. Therefore the actual weight of your share will vary each month. For example, if you receive higher cost cuts, you will receive less total weight. If you receive lower cost cuts, you will receive more weight. The cuts in your share will vary month to month and are not exactly as listed. 

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