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New Item: Bone Broth & Cup O Love Soup!

*Cuts subject to availabilty

If we do not have what you want, feel free to email a wish list and 
please check back!

weights listed below are an average and will vary with individual steak. 
When ordering, just list a desired weight



Porterhouse*cut on request

T-Bone*cut on request

Filet Mignon

(approx. 1-1.5 lb )


Delmonico (Boneless Ribeye)

(approx .75-1 lb ) 

Hanging Tender 

(approx. 1-2 lb )


Bone-In Ribeye 

(approx 1.25 - 1.75 lb)


Strip steak (Boneless)

(approx .75 lb )


Strip Steaks (Bone-In)

(approx 1.25 lb)


Outside Skirt Steak 



(approx 2.5 - 4.5 lb  )


Flank Steak 


NY Sirloin 

(Approx.  .75-1.25 lb )


FAmily Style NY Sirloin 

(Approx. 2 lb )


Flat-Iron Steak


Inside Skirt Steak

Chuck Eye Steak

(2 steaks per pack, approx 1.50 lb total)

London Broil

(approx. 1 lb )

Round Tip



Back Rack Ribs

(approx. 2. lb packages )


Short Ribs 

*English or Korean

(approx. 2.5 - 4 lb packages )

Aged Ground Beef

We grind a variety of dry aged cuts to make this outstanding ground beef its own specialty item. If you love a good burger, our patties can't be beat!

Ground Beef 

sold as two pound packages, individually-wrapped  inside the butchers paper as one pound packages  so it can be easily separated. 

Signature Patties 

(approx 1.15 lb packages)

3 six ounce patties per package made with our classic ground beef

Custom Blend Patties 

(approx 1.50 lb packages)

3 eight ounce patties per package made with a custom blend that varies. Sometimes a Brisket/Top Round Blend, sometimes a Short Rib/Shoulder blend, or any other fun and tasty blend Charlie comes up with...always a favorite amongst burger lovers! 





Tenderloin Tail 

(Approx. .5-1 lb)


Sirloin Tips 

sold as 1 lb packs


Chuck Medallions 

sold as 1 lb packs


Stir-fry Beef

sold as 1 lb packs


Stew Beef 

sold as 1 lb packs



Whole Tenderloin Roast *cut on request

Boneless Rib Roast 


Standing Rib Roast 



Boneless Strip Roast 


NY Sirloin Roast 

Eye Round Roast



Chuck Roast




Top Round Roast

Bottom Round Roast

OFFAL and Bones 



Beef Shank 

Marrow Bones





sold as 1 lb packs


sold as 1 lb packs


Dry Aged Frankfurters


Dry aged , all beef hot dog that has a unique flavor more like a sausage,  Nitrate & Preservative Free. 8 per pack

Bone Broth New Item!

Beef Bone Broth

$18.00/32 oz.

A nourishing bone broth made from our knuckle and marrow bones. Cloudy to maintin nutrients, with a touch of vinegar and mushrooms for added health benefits and superb flavor!

Cup of Love

$24.00/32 oz.

A Heart healthy and delicious bone broth soup  made from our bones. Gingery and perfect for a homemade ramen! 


Chicken Eggs


farm Fresh from our happy hens , pasture raised, various colors.

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