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Food is our common ground, a universal experience.     

~James Beard

River Rock Farm was originally started as a dream of Jon Konove's as a young man to turn his family's vacation property into a working farm. Together Jon and his friend, Charles Sayer, whom he met working at the Heifer Project in Arkansas, built some of the first fences on the property in the early nineties. Sadly, Jon died in a car accident several years later.

In 2012, Charles and Lindsay decided to leave their home of Colorado to take over managing the farm in hopes of carrying on Jon's legacy and building their own. Charles and Lindsay Sayer purchased the farm in 2017 and continue to caretake the land, raising happy animals and a couple happy kids too!

Through the farm, they are able to share their passion for local food, cooking and sustainable farming with their family and surrounding communities!

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