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Sayer Family Farms LLC~ Brimfield, MA

River Rock Farm


All Natural & Pasture Raised, Dry-Aged Beef

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Wet grass

Neighborhood Beef

Select neighborhoods will be receiving a side of beef. This includes a freezer bag with

2 dry aged steaks, 4 pounds dry aged ground beef & 1 slow cooker for $100.

If you received a flyer and want to sign up for this special offer, join here:


why DRY-Aged Beef


Food is essential to life; therefore make it good ~S.Trueman
The procedure changes beef by two means:



Dry aged beef is meat which has been hung to dry for many weeks. Following when the animal is slaughtered and cleaned, a whole half is hung and put into a cooler,  where it is stored at a controlled temperature and humidity level. We offer dry aged beef that is hung for 21-30 days. 

Initially, moisture is evaporated from the muscle. This results in a higher concentration of beef flavor and taste by concentrating the density of the muscle fibers.

Dry aging of beef is uncommon in supermarkets in the USA these days, because of the substantial reduction of weight in the aging process. It can typically be found in steakhouses and high end restaurants. We lose about 30% to mold and evaporation of water weight.

The entire process of dry aging beef encourages the development of particular fungal (mold) varieties around the exterior surface of the beef. This doesn't trigger spoilage, but in fact forms an exterior "crust" about the meat's surface area, that is cut away once the meat is ready to be butchered into retail or wholesale cuts. These fungal varieties enhance the organic enzymes within the meat by assisting to tenderize and boost the quality of the meat flavor. 


Community Supported Agriculture

 What is a Beef CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture shares (CSA’s) are a popular way to bring together community members and its farmers. When you become a River Rock Farm CSA member, you support local, sustainable farming year round and receive beef delivered directly from our farm to your home or office on a monthly basis for 3 months. Your subscription to our CSA helps support our local, family owned farm and also ensures that you are eating the best all natural, pasture raised, dry aged beef. The share price is equivalent to a 10% discount off our regular retail pricing as a token of our gratitude. Sign up anytime!

when is it delivered?

Your share is delivered once a month for 3 months. We deliver the monthly shares typically during the third week of the month. As we receive applications, we are able to more accurately plan the routes and will notify you as soon as possible as to which exact day you will receive your share. If you will not be home, you can simply leave a cooler out or arrange pick up at the farm

What do I get?

We have 3 options available:

1. Full Large Share: 


approximately 10-12lbs. of beef/month includes approximately one roast, 4lbs ground beef, 4 steaks, and various specialty cuts each month

2. Full Small Share:


approximately 6-8 lbs. of beef per month including approximately one roast, 2lbs ground beef, 2 steaks, and specialty cuts each month

3. Ground Beef & Specialty Cuts Share:


includes at least 4 pounds of ground beef and various specialty cuts and roasts. This share does not include steaks.


Add Eggs to any share size :$5/dozen

* Please note that your share is packed based on the value (cost ) of the cuts included, not on the weight. Therefore the actual weight of your share will vary each month. For example, if you receive higher cost cuts, you will receive less total weight. If you receive lower cost cuts, you will receive more weight. The cuts in your share will vary month to month and are not exactly as listed. 



81 Five Bridge Road, Brimfield, MAssachusetts 01010

 *on farm Sales by appointment only

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